Projex Group  specialises in the supply of some of the best remedial waterproofing products to the building industry.

Regardless of the effort invested in waterproofing a building during the construction stage, moisture can still enter the structure and cause long-term damage.

Now available in Australia and New Zealand through Projex Group, the Koster line of special remedial waterproofing products from Germany has been a trusted name in waterproofing repairs in the UK, USA and all over the world.

The Koster waterproofing range comprises of specialised coatings that waterproof the structure from both the positive and negative pressure sides.

Koster’s remedial waterproofing products include Koster KD system, KD1 Base, KD2 Blitz Powder, KD3 Sealer and NB1 Grey.

Koster KD System is an environment-friendly system that permanently seals off the inrush of water against negative pressure up to 7 Bar. The 3-product application process takes less than one hour to complete from stopping the flowing water to completion. The KD system is ideal for seeping, running water installations such as pools, basements and masonry water tanks due to its fast setting times.

KD1 Base is a fast curing cement sealing slurry exhibiting excellent resistance to pressurised water.

KD2 Blitz Powder is a highly reactive fast setting reactive powder applied directly to the leaking area to seal the leaks within seconds after application.

KD3 Sealer is a water-thin silicifying liquid that penetrates deep into the substrate, plugging the pores and permanently sealing them.

NB1 Grey is a cementitous waterproofing coating to protect against ground moisture, and pressurised and non-pressurised water. The coating displays excellent resistance to abrasion, pressure and chemicals, making it ideal for new construction as well as restoration work.
Key benefits of Koster remedial waterproofing products:

  • Environmentally safe, non-toxic and conveniently packaged for tradesmen and handymen
  • Proven efficacy in waterproofing basements, lift pits, cellars, water tanks, pools and other areas where the outside surface is inaccessible
  • Works for both positive and negative pressure waterproofing of up to 13 bar
  • Safe for use in potable water applications
  • Simple and fast application by tradesman, handyman or homeowner
In addition to Koster remedial waterproofing products, Projex Group also supplies two of the most trusted waterproof membrane brands, Wolfin and Cosmofin. These sheet membranes are ideal for waterproofing green roofs, flat roofs, terraces, podiums and balconies.