When the roof area of Sydney’s Trust Building - a structure classified at the highest heritage level, a Permanent Conservation Order - leaked onto the floor below, the owners called in Clive Lucas Stapleton, architects with considerable experience in carrying out works on heritage listed buildings.

The architects, who knew it was imperative that the water not leak through into the building’s restored marble hallways with their timber and brass fittings, specified the Wolfin Waterproofing System from the Projex Group to cope with the problem.

The roof was waterproofed using self-adhesive Wolfin S membrane. The area was then covered with Supergrasse and Projex Shockmat recycled rubber matting to allow the area to be used for recreation. The shockmat was laid out for service paths to the building’s satellite dish and the cooling towers and the grass laid out in the recreation area.

The installation was carried out by IMS Waterproofing, licensed Wolfin applicators.

Source: Building Products News.