Savvy sellers of commercial properties will know exactly how to get bids that match the property’s true value. They will also want to know how to increase the value of the property before it is sold.

The value of any building premises can be increased with minimum effort, money, and time through a few simple steps.

Projex’s top 5 tips for increasing the value of commercial properties before sale

1. Get the lighting right

Lighting can make an enormous difference to the appearance of an office or store. To begin with, the lighting must make the space appear big and clean. Observe the lighting in every room, both during the day as well as in the twilight hours to make sure it is showing off the business’ true potential. The appearance of a room is influenced by the placement, fixtures, and type of lighting used.

Keep the curtains and blind shutters open, and the windows clean to maximise the entry of sunlight in the room during the day. Any lighting used at night in each room should be suitable for security purposes.

Standing lamps and floor lamps can help achieve a temporary lighting solution at a relatively low cost. Display tables in the store/office can be highlighted using stick-on strip lights. Even spread of light can be achieved by simply replacing a dark lampshade on a hanging bulb, which focuses the light down with a white shade covering the entire bulb to let the light flow uniformly at all angles.

2. Turn the building into a clean, blank canvas

When placing a building on the market, it is important to present a ‘blank canvas’ to prospective buyers. The first step to achieving this is to remove all elements in the office that reflect the existing business including pictures, ornaments, furniture and any sign of personalisation. The presence of these elements will cloud the buyer’s ability to imagine the office as their own.

The second step is to give the property a deep clean covering every cupboard, wardrobe and drawer as well as carpets, fixtures and windows. A clean office creates a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, and gives the right vibes to the buyer.

3. Do necessary DIY

Minor fixes will go a long way to creating a presentable office. Though the owner may resist the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on a property that is getting sold, it is important to know that a small investment on repairs will pay them back multi-fold on the sale price. Be savvy about the fixes including getting wall holes plastered in; painting rooms that need freshening up; and having any pest issues dealt with effectively. Even major fixes should be carried out if required as they may have an impact on the final price.

4. Ensure the property is still structurally sound

This suggestion is pertinent to sellers who own the whole commercial property. Before listing the property on the market, they should ideally have a professional contractor inspect the building to confirm the frame is structurally sound, the waterproof membrane is not leaking anywhere, and there is nothing seriously wrong with the building.

5. Make it eco-friendly

The visual appearance of a building is a major factor in the appeal of a property. Carbon appeal can also influence buyer decisions. New buyers care about the environmental impact of the building in terms of energy and water efficiencies. These expectations can be met by getting water-saving plumbing fixtures, a tankless hot water heater, and some wall and loft insulation.

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