Inlet screens use spray water to keep themselves clean and efficient, or to wash screenings, which is equivalent to approximately 70 tonnes of spray water per day, everyday.

Haigh Engineering working in conjunction with Project Pumps have revolutionised small screen applications with ACE Screener and are suitable for applications in new treatment works or in upgrades to existing works.

High performance screening with zero water use is now available.

There is no wash water used with the ACE Screener, and it also provides high screen capture performance and low installed head loss of any screen in the market.

A flexible design concept means that the ACE Screener can be adapted to fit several inlet works, and with over 350 installations completed in the last 5 years, the ACE Screener has built an impressive track record and reference list.

ACE Screeners have become a screen of choice for membrane bio-reactor (MBR) plants on small sewage treatment works and are capable of being fitted with 6mm, 3mm or 2mm perforated Screen plates.