Project Marketing and Management , a provider of electromagnetic pest control devices, offer the Plug-In Pest Free which is safe for the family as well as the environment. The device contains no chemicals, fumes or smell. The non toxic Plug-In Pest Free is a safe pest control device which is HACCP approved, cost-effective and maintenance-free.

Project Marketing and Management warn customers to look for the university certification before purchasing Plug-In Pest Free as there are similar imitations available without the certification.

Effective on rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes, insects and other domestic pests, the Plug-In Pest Free from Project Marketing and Management has been used by Government Departments, Councils, Factories, Hospitals, Dairies, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Wineries, Hotels and similar outlets.

Plug-In Pest Free from Project Marketing and Management has no moving parts in its electronic circuitry and last for 5 to 7. Plug-In Pest is suitable for places where safety, effective and environmentally-friendly pest management is a necessity. Plug-In Pest Free can be plugged into any power point, works round the clock and is certified by the New South Wales Office of energy.