If you had the option of paying your supplier’s invoices in monthly instalments, would you take it?

In this environment of deep uncertainty, businesses are finding it financially challenging to keep their operations running. The Procuret solution is designed for businesses to meet their cash flow and working capital challenges by enabling them to use an innovative way to pay their suppliers.

Procuret identified a large gap in the procurement of B2B products and services, with suppliers looking for improved ways to secure customer orders quickly and provide their customers a painless, fast and cash flow-efficient way to pay for situational or repeat purchases.

Procuret’s innovative technology eliminates manual and time-consuming pain points typical of traditional credit options, solving the problem for both buyer and seller. Procuret lets the buyer pay their supplier’s invoices in instalments, using a super accessible online option selected during the buying process.

Procuret’s advantages

The fast and simple online payment option is entirely designed to help businesses buy products and services at their convenience.

Buyers can pay invoices in instalments on terms that better match the nature of their purchase. The process is hassle free: Simply click Procuret on your supplier’s invoice and follow the quick prompts. If Procuret isn’t offered by your supplier, you can still sign-up here.

Purchase all the goods you need for your business in one transaction and pay in instalments with Procuret.

Procuret is cash-flow friendly and time-effective; offers a smart way to pay while you preserve your credit limits for working capital; lets you match the value generated from your purchase with your monthly payment; and doesn’t require property security.