Now available from Pro Plaster Products , the award winning Necprotech is a neck, shoulder and back support system, worn like a backpack, to help alleviate stress whilst working and prevent long term damage to the neck and spine.

The Necprotech neck support system works by supporting the weight of the head when looking up for long periods of time. It releases tension from the shoulder and neck muscles that are forced to work harder to support the heavy weight of the head. In addition, particularly as is the case for plasterers, added pressure is put on these muscles when the arms are being used above the head.

Without proper support, these muscles can become overused, fatigued and strained causing the neck to become tired and sore and leading to chronic pain. If left untreated, the stress on these muscles could lead to spinal degeneration.

Health and safety authorities around the world are aware of the burden work-related neck disorders have on individuals, particulary those who:

  • work in awkward positions where muscles have to contract and the weight of parts of the body has to be supported, such as looking up with arms above the head
  • work in a fixed position and use the same muscle group over a long period of time; and
  • do the same task over and over again.
The Necprotech neck support system has a sturdy upper body harness and is adjusted to fit the body. Simply pull the shoulder straps over the shoulders and fasten at the front.