In the past external render primarily utilised metal trim, which had tendencies to rust over time, or kink and dent prior to application. Today innovative products like Pro Trim solve the problems of the past by using PVC (plastic) as opposed to metal.  

Some who have used metal in the past can be reluctant to switch to PVC, as they feel it may be less stable and more likely to deteriorate over time. However Pro Trim Render Trim in particular is developed to be thicker, stronger and straighter than ever before, making it extremely resilient against the normal wear and tear experienced through either workplace or residential occupancy.  

Not only is this range of PVC Trim Bead robust and durable, it’s also designed specifically for Australian conditions, particularly perfect for coastal regions where the PVC prevents rust and deterioration. Unlike some other products, Pro Trim Render Trim is also UV stabilised to stop the product becoming brittle and breaking down over time.  

Pro Trim Render Trim’s quality is backed by a 10 year warranty, so you can rest assured that you have made the right choice.  

Pro Trim is part of Australian company Pro Plaster Products' home grown product range. Pro Plaster Products has an extensive range of quality products, stocking the largest range of compounds, tools and accessories in Australia. The Pro Trim range is manufactured in Australia with the needs of Australian renderers in mind.  

Designed to ensure edges remain clean and true Pro Trim allows renderers and plasterers to have the professional finish whilst saving both time and money. Available in a comprehensive range, designed for all angles and shapes, Pro Trim Render Trim is suitable for both architectural styling and urban designs.  

Suitable for most external finishing systems, the full range of Pro Trim Render Trim Bead includes:

  • Render Mud Bump Angle
  • Render External 90° Angle
  • External 90° Mesh Angle
  • External 90° Angle
  • Starter Bead
  • Sill Bead
  • Reveal Bead
  • J Bead
  • Flashing Bead 90°
  • L Bead Tearaway
  • Expansion Joint  
Also available from Pro Plaster Products: 
  • Pro Mesh Render Mesh Range (available in small and large rolls) 
  • Pro Trim Internal Plasterboard PVC Trim Bead Range