Pro Plaster Products  believe automatic taping tools have become the latest in revolutionary plastering tools for the modern day plasterer. 

Automatic taping tools are designed to allow operators to produce quality results while exerting less effort and using less compound than traditional methods, therefore allowing faster and more efficient job completion.

Automatic taping tools are available for fixing plasterboard, finishing joints, sanding and cornice fixing.
Many in the plastering trade are hesitant to make the switch to automatic taping tools because they do not want to sacrifice quality for time and they are afraid to invest money into tools for the fear of being unable to use them.

It should be comforting to know then, that not only have automatic plastering tools been thoroughly researched and developed to be able to produce a high quality and professional finish every time, Pro Plaster Products have compiled an in depth instructional video on how to correctly use and care for automatic tools. This can be viewed on the Pro Plaster Products website.
When starting out with automatic tools or adding to an existing collection, Pro Plaster Products have everything required to make an informed decision and to ensure the automatic tools are used safely and correctly. 

Pro Plaster Products have a wide range of automatic tool brands available, accommodating all price ranges, and all tools are accompanied by manufacturers warranties.