Available from Pro Plaster Products , Pro Mesh render mesh is a non-adhesive alkaline resistant fibreglass wall mesh that can be used on all external joint applications, including green board or polystyrene.

Pro Mesh render mesh is specifically for use in the rendering process for wall reinforcement on all external joint applications to prevent surface cracking.

Pro Mesh render mesh is coated with alkaline resistant latex and treated with an acrylic acid co-polymer liquid that increases its strength so ensure the mesh can withstand the harsh chemicals used in all polymer modified and acrylic based renders. This reinforcement and alkaline resistance prevents surface cracking in the long term.

For quality application of Pro Mesh render mesh here are some tips:

  1. Renderers applying render mesh often make a common mistake in the amount each layer of mesh is overlapped. Each layer should overlap by a minimum of 100mm, ensuring the layer of mesh is a strong reinforcement, preventing surface cracking in the long term.
  2. Problems often occur for renderers in the weak points of a wall, for example the external corners of doors and windows. To strengthen these weak points and prevent surface cracking, a renderer should apply an additional layer of render mesh on top of the original layer. This can be achieved by simply placing 200mm of render mesh in a diagonal direction across the external corner.
  3. Ensure the render mesh is always embedded into an acrylic render product. As Pro Mesh is a non-adhesive render mesh it will not stick to the surface by itself. Therefore if the mesh is embedded into a thin layer of an acrylic render product the render mesh will be greatly strengthened.
Pro Mesh is a 180gsm render mesh with a mesh size of 5mm x 5mm and available in large rolls of 1m x 50m2. Render mesh is suitable for all polystyrene systems and green cladding and had a resin content of 18 – 20% and a weight range of 178g – 185.5g.

The Pro Mesh range also encompasses a render tape, which is a 160gsm mesh available in small rolls measuring 50mm x 90m, which is suitable for application on joints.
Information on rendering tools and render products is available from Pro Plaster Products.