Until now, there was no other way to cut drywall bead. Every corner and every cut involved the same tedious process of measuring, marking, and snipping. If a mistake was made, the length would have to be discarded, and the process repeated.  

Now there is an easier way with the innovative, new Bead Bully system, now available at Pro Plaster Products .  

Designed to cut the majority of PVC and metal bead, the Bead Bully cuts perfect corners every time. Easy to use, simply measure then place in the corresponding guide and press for a clean cut.  

In an industry where time is money this tool pays for itself. The Bead Bully is faster, more efficient, reduces error and is so easy to use an amateur can achieve professional results with little or no experience.  

The Bead Bully specializes in the cutting of 45 degree mitre on all types of bullnose bead. However, there is a huge range of guides and blades available to make this tool more versatile, depending on individuals needs.  

No need to mess around with set up, this tool comes fully assembled and ready to use in a heavy duty PVC case for easy transportation and storage.  

To view a demonstration video of the bead bully in use, simply follow the links on this page to the Pro Plaster Products website.