Pro Plaster Products supply premium quality Marshalltown trowels that offer benefits for both plasterers and renderers.

The Marshalltown brand is well known and trusted in the plastering industry, and a large range of trowels are available on the market today, from stainless steel and carbon steel options to permashape blades and durasoft handles.

Marshalltown trowels are fully heat treated and machine finished to allow a perfect fit of blade and handle. The diamond shank fits snug in the handle so there is no movement, and the steel is cross-ground to hold its shape, allowing maximum pressure to be applied without a worry.

Featuring softly cushioned grips that are built for the longevity of the tools life, Marshalltown trowels are also comfortable to use. Marshalltown trowels are ideal for any plasterer or renderer , as they have a long lifespan and will not rust.

Pro Plaster supply a large range of rendering tools, including Marshalltown trowels, hawks, floats, trestles, water brushes, kneepads, plaster scoops, render bead and much more.