Pro Plaster Products  are dedicated to providing the right plastering tools to make working at heights as easy and safe as possible, which is why the offer a range of plastering stilts including Marshalltown Skywalker stilts.

Featuring a durable construction, Marshalltown Skywalker plastering stilts have great traction on the feet, can withstand a maximum weight load of 102kg, and are available in two sizes; medium (18-30) and large (24-40).

Built to an innovative and ergonomic design, Marshalltown Skywalker stilts are also very comfortable. They feature bindings with a multiple racheting system that allows for quick adjustments and a tight, comfortable fit, while the adjustable tension springs enable a more natural walking motion and allow the operator to stand straight. Fully adjustable ankle spring and calf pads with 360º wrap around straps also increase comfort and stability levels for the operator.

Coloured silver with red and blue finishing on the feet, these plastering stilts also have a three way sizing adjustment on the calf for small, medium, or large.