The Marshalltown Enforcer portable texture sprayer is the newest product available from Pro Plaster Products . These texture sprayers are quick and easy to use and will help to save time and money.

Spraying on drywall texture can be a messy job, but with the right tools it doesn’t have to take very long or make much mess. These texture sprayers are the ideal product for those who no longer want to carry around a hopper gun and want drywall texture equipment that is convenient to use and fill.

The Enforcer is compatible with all texture coating products and can spray knockdown, popcorn, orange peel and splatter textured finishes. Theses texture sprayers can also be used to achieve a Level 5 finish and for external blue board and cement sheeting.

This Marshalltown portable texture sprayer cuts application times in half when compared with the more traditional methods of trowelling. It has a larger than normal sized tank with a 10 litre capacity and a flow rate of 6.6lpm for greater control over the amount of mud released. To achieve maximum efficiency when refilling this texture sprayer, a mud pump is recommended.

Marshalltown Enforcer texture sprayers are easily cleaned with a quick release top cap (with pressure release pin), which can be simply removed and a piston seal that cleans the inner tank wall. Additionally, the air tight tank allows the user to move from job to job without having to constantly empty and clean-up, making spills a thing of the past.