After two years in the design stage, American company Flex-Ability Concepts has unveiled their new and improved Flex-C Trac with Hammer-Lock function. This new design innovation significantly reduces installation and labor time, producing impressive curved walls, columns and arches with ease. Flex-C Trac with Hammer-Lock function is now available at Pro Plaster Products Australia.  

In the past framing curved walls required placing screws into the steel strap in the track flanges, an awkward and time-consuming process. The new Flex-C Trac with Hammer-Lock function allows you to shape the track by hand and lock the curves into place by simply hammering down the tabs in each link of the metal track.  

A superior product because of its strength, quality and ease of use, Flex-C Trac with Hammer-Lock function will frame curves in either metal or wood stud construction.  

Flex-C Trac is a part of the internationally sourced product range made available by Pro Plaster Products. With an Australia wide distribution network, Pro Plaster source and introduce the best national and international products to you.  

With an extensive product range Pro Plaster Products has more than just your plastering needs. Flex-C Trac is just one of the quality product innovations they make available to the Australian building industry in addition to compounds, tools and accessories.  

Pro Plaster’s Flex-C Trac range includes Flex-C Angle, 64mm track and 92mm track, perfect for contractors wanting to save time when creating round columns, barrel ceilings, S curves or arches.  

Using new Flex-C Trac Hammer-Lock function is as easy as 1, 2, 3…   

  1. Bend the track to the desired position. The pivotal sections of the track make it easy to create the perfect curve with no uneven or flat spots. 
  2. Hammer/flatten the Hammer-Lock tabs on a concrete surface to secure the shape of the track. For even more strength and for gauges without the Hammer-Lock feature install self-tapping screws into the sides of Flex-C Trac. 
  3. Fasten the track to the ceiling or floor. This secure curve provides for a strong, solid installation.  Perfect walls, ceilings, columns and curves for any project, are easier with Flex-C Trac Hammer-Lock