Preston Group  was recently commissioned by G James Glass & Aluminium as sub-contractor for Grocon to install the external glazing façade to the upper podium level of Soul on the Gold Coast.
Soul on the Gold Coast is a major architectural development worth $850 million, and one of the largest private construction deals ever awarded in Australia for a single-tower development.
The recovery crane’s limited reach created problems in installing the façade. Preston worked with G James Glass & Aluminium to arrive at a solution using a mini crane on the upper podium level, ensuring that the capacity of the podium was not exceeded in doing so. The Maeda MC-305 mini crane with an impressive 250kg lifting capacity at 12m was recommended by Preston for the job.
Since the MC-305 was heavier than the lifting capacity of the recovery crane, simply lifting the mini crane to the podium was not an option. Preston’s problem solving skills came to the fore once again when they decided to disassemble the mini crane on the ground and lift up the pieces to the podium separately for re-assembly by Preston mechanics.
The external glazing façade was installed with ease and efficiency using the Maeda MC-305 mini crane. On completion of the installation, the mini crane was again disassembled, sent back onto the ground in pieces and reassembled for its next job.