Prestige Wall Systems  specialises in manufacturing a wide range of pre-coated architectural mouldings. Prestige Wall Systems offers a range of pre-coated architectural mouldings which includes architraves, bands, cords, parapets and sills. Prestige Wall Systems also supplies architectural accents such as architectural columns, column bases, capitals, keystones, circles, trusses and many similar products. Prestige Wall Systems offers quality architectural mouldings.

Prestige Wall Systems works with a network of distributors and contractors and ships its architectural mouldings, decorative columns, foam panel and foam fencing system directly to its customers. Architectural mouldings from Prestige Wall Systems can be used on rendered, textured, stone or brick exteriors. The architectural mouldings can also be used for creating stunning contemporary, modern and classical designs.

Prestige Wall Systems offers architectural mouldings which are available in a variety of standard designs and sizes. Architectural mouldings do not rot, easy to install and does require any maintenance, and helps in saving significant amount of time and money. Prestige Wall Systems offers a cost effective solutions for creating impressive and unique exterior designs by using architraves, bands, cords, parapets, quoins and keystones.