Ceiling fans from Prestige Fans helped a family transform a small apartment in Melbourne into a welcoming and airy space.

Fans are installed to cool any interior space; but they also have the ability to transform the overall feeling and mood of the given space.

Ceiling fans are designed to reduce the perceived temperature in a room by up to 8°C. The spinning of the fan causes an up-draught of air in the room; the air passing over the skin causes increased evaporation of sweat, which in turn, makes the person feel cool and comfortable.

Ceiling fans, by design, are safer than floor or desk mounted fans, also saving space with the ceiling mount.

In a recent application, Prestige ceiling fans were installed in a small two-bedroom apartment in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs for a family comprising of three members.

Having recently downsized from a large house, the family sought to introduce the light and air of a larger living space into the compact apartment. By installing ceiling fans in each room, the apartment has been transformed from a previously stagnant and stuffy space into a fresh and inviting interior.

The apartment owners have found the ceiling fans beneficial in both winter and summer months.