Pressform Engineering is a metal manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in the field. Pressform works with all kinds of metals: copper, nickel alloys, brass, stainless, quench and tempered steels, carbon steels and brass. All forms of welding, rolling, cutting, cnc punching and profiling are undertaken by Pressform.

Pressform Engineering provides base plates, CNC pipe supports, refractory supports, production welding, threaded fittings, valve handles and washers, sheetmetal work, punching, lintels, hook bolts, car parts, cleats, flangers and grates.

Its monitoring products are transport and rail components, refractory hardware, pipe supports and mining spares, etc. Various kinds of fasteners, hingers, and uncoupling rods are available as transport and rail components.

Refractory Formwork, Formwork Wedge Pin, Hexagonal Mesh, Ceramic Cup Lock Anchors, Rod Lock Refractory Anchor are included in Pressform Engineering's Refractory Hardware product range. Pipe supports include Duplex Stainless Pipe Hangers, Galvanised Two Piece Pipe Clamps, etc.

Mining spares from Pressform Engineering include Heat Exchanger Hexagonal Plugs, Duplex Stainless Steel Anchor Plates, Ball Mill Cup Washers, and Fabricated Push Rods.