Across all sectors, bathrooms are essential to every building, facility or venue experience. Lack of hygiene and cleanliness, inaccessibility, poor maintenance and unsatisfactory design are the main issues faced in modern bathrooms. This is partly because most bathroom products are selected based on price, without proper consideration of design, material content, functionality and durability. This includes the humble toilet seat, which, if specified correctly, can enhance the bathroom experience for all users while minimising harm to the environment.

'Answering nature’s call: A specifier’s guide to sustainable toilet seat solutions' is the specifier’s guide to choosing sustainable toilet seat solutions for any project or setting.  We discuss the impact of poor bathroom specification and the relationship between toilet seat production, sustainability and the environment. This is followed by a look at the key considerations that go into choosing the best, sustainable toilet seat for any given project. Finally, we present a range of innovative, eco-friendly toilet seats that delivery first class quality, function and style.

100% Danish from its formation back in 1954 to today, Pressalit has been the global market leader in toilet seat supply, working with Caroma, IFO, Villeroy & Boch and many other exclusive sanitary ware brands for decades. Leveraging their Scandinavian focus on design and innovation, this manufacturing company is dedicated to producing high quality and sustainable toilet seats, all backed by a 10-year warranty.

Download this whitepaper and discover how choosing the right toilet seat can transform your bathroom by promoting elevated levels of comfort, hygiene and sustainability.