Renowned for its high quality, focus on functionality, and its timeless aesthetic, Danish design is beloved worldwide. Over the past century, design practitioners from Denmark have established themselves as leaders in a range of fields including architecture, furniture, and industrial design. But what, precisely, makes Danish design so distinctive?

Inspired by the past, looking toward the future: Understanding Danish design is an informative examination of Danish design and its development over the last century. In this whitepaper, the ten values of Danish design – as defined by the Danish Design Council – are used as a framework for exploring the origins of Danish design and its development over the years. After closely examining the role of design in Danish culture and what can be expected from Danish design moving forward, the whitepaper concludes with an exploration of Pressalit, a contemporary exemplar of the Danish design mindset. By equipping designers and specifiers with an understanding of the roots of Danish design, its key values, and complex cultural, social, and historical influences, the whitepaper illuminates why Danish design thrives today and will no doubt continue to do so in future. 

Since 1954, Pressalit has lead the market in premium bathroom solutions. This privately owned Danish company follows the Danish design tradition, specialising in universal and custom toilet seats that meet the needs of a wide range of users worldwide. Pressalit’s high quality solutions focus on delivering value to users regardless of their capacity while outperforming the competition in the residential and commercial sectors. 

Download this whitepaper to see how, through simplicity, beauty, and utility, Danish design continues to inspire designers across the globe.