Danish design company Pressalit has received three Red Dot design awards for their design of bathroom products. Based in Ry, Denmark, Pressalit is a reputed manufacturer of toilet seats.

A prestigious award, Red Dot has become the international quality stamp for products as it not only increases the brand’s market value but also helps raise awareness about the product.

Pressalit owner and CEO, Kim Boyter said: "We are excited to add three more prizes to our award collection and we look forward to applying them to spreading the knowledge of our products and our company in Denmark and internationally. We are especially proud because the prizes both come from the toilet seat Pressalit Spira, which is designed in collaboration with our external and internationally renowned designer Knud Holscher, and also the Pressalit Projecta Solid Pro seat, designed by one of our own internal designers, Lars Herold. Lars was also the man behind the toilet seat that received the Red Dot award in 2016."

Pressalit won Red Dot prizes for two toilet seats – Pressalit Spira and Pressalit Projecta Solid Pro – as well as a product from the Pressalit Care business area, which specialises in aids for people with reduced physical functionality. The Pressalit PLUS 700mm support arm was designed back in the 1990s by designer Rasmus Thygesen. The support arm won the coveted award for its design and functionalities built into the product such as sideways and height adjustability, as well as compliance with strict German safety requirements.

The three Red Dot award winning products are:

Pressalit PLUS Support Arm 700mm

The 700mm toilet support arm can be adjusted up and down when it hangs on the Pressalit wall track. At 700mm in length, this support arm complies with the German DIN norm. The Red Dot award applies to all the PLUS toilet support arm variations.

Pressalit Spira

The toilet seat is designed in collaboration with Knud Holscher from Holscher Design in Denmark. The design is innovative with a continuous curve-line from lid to seat.

Pressalit Projecta Solid Pro

Designed and built for public spaces such as airports, institutions and hospitals, the toilet seat has a specially developed Soft Close feature, which makes the seat slowly drop down on the bowl after use, and a hinge that is also encapsulated for optimum hygiene. The bracket is extra sturdy with greater stability than normal toilet seats and can handle very high weight loads.