Australian homeowners are increasingly installing laminate flooring in their homes for its grandeur, beauty and durability. Laminate flooring is popular not only in the residential segment but also in holiday homes near the beach and converted warehouses in the suburbs.

Considered the poor man’s hardwood flooring once upon a time, laminate flooring today sets a high benchmark when it comes to durability, reliability, longevity and splendour.

What does laminate flooring offer that no other flooring solution delivers?

Laminate is the master impersonator of real wood.

Quality laminate has the look, feel and texture of real hardwood, minus the price tag and fragility. One needs to have a discerning eye to tell the difference between laminate and real wood flooring. 

A number of quality laminate flooring styles have the bevelled edges with plank cuts that imitate real wood floors. The beauty of quality laminate is that it emulates the best of hardwood qualities and eliminates the hardwood flooring’s faults such as its susceptibility to scratching, fading or denting.

Laminate is simply created to withstand the day-to-day traffic of a home.

Laminate flooring is easy to fall in love with, considering its simple beauty regime. There is no need for polishing, waxing or varnishing on laminate floors. The low maintenance routine of a simple mop or sweep will do the trick.

Laminate flooring is also extremely durable and can endure spillages, pets and high traffic.

Flooring installers love laminate as well for the ease of installation.

The Uniclic Joining System, a world-leading versatile joining system was invented by Quick Step and allows for easy and quick installation.

Affordability always hits the mark with laminate.

Compared to many flooring solutions, laminate delivers a sensational value for money option for any household. Laminate is simply the top flooring solution for contemporary interior design. 

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