Quick-Step laminate flooring is known for unique qualities such as scratch resistance, great design, simple installation and easy maintenance.

Up to 10 times more scratch resistant

Quick-Step employs the new patent-pending Scratch Guard technology that ensures an even stronger top layer on all laminate floors, making the range up to 10 times more resistant to micro scratches than conventional floors. Scratch Guard uses a revolutionary cross-link and nano-particle technology to provide long-lasting protection against natural wear and tear. 

Designed to perfection

Driven by a passion for design, Quick-Step’s in-house design team is focussed on creating better looking floors. Unique Quick-Step design features include deep surface structures resulting in a floor with a distinct baroque character; grooves matching the character of the wood design complete with grains and colour variations; and an eye-catching interplay between matt and gloss accents obtained thanks to the play of light. 

Ease of installation

Quick-Step laminate floors incorporate the Uniclic system wherein the tongue and groove can be linked together in two different ways: The angling-angling method where the planks are angled together until they click together perfectly; or horizontal insertion at certain locations, especially when installing under door frames or radiators, for example. 

The slide and click method has been purpose-developed for the Exquisa range, and involves clicking the panel into place along the long side, sliding the short side of the plank against the previous panel and pressing down. 

The simple installation process of Quick-Step floors offers benefits such as rapid installation time and lower installation costs; lifelong guarantee on the profile; easy dissembling and reinstalling of floor; strong connection between panels; tensile strength and pre-stressing of tongue and groove preventing annoying splits between laminates; and floor ready to walk on immediately after laying it. 

Key features of Quick-Step laminate floors include: Exceptional flame resistance, withstanding cigarette burns; easy to wipe, clean, vacuum and maintain hygienic sealed surface that will not allow dirt to accumulate, light- and sun-resistance preventing discolouration from exposure; blow- and impact-resistance ensuring superior protection against falling objects or stilettos; damp-proof product with the watertight glued base plate and pre-stressing of click systems giving excellent protection against surface moisture; solid pleasant sound thanks to the hard core plate optimised for use in the floor; permanent antistatic treatment preventing annoying electrostatic discharges; and splash warranty. 

For a complete flooring solution, Quick-Step laminate floors can be supplied with matching skirting boards; matching and patented Incizo profile to finish floor and stairs; rosettes to provide a finish around radiator pipes; built-in doormat; underlay options; and Quick-Step maintenance products.

Quick-Step floors are available in Australia through Premium Floors .