Leading flooring company, Quick-Step recommends a few tips for selecting the right mix of textures, shapes and sizes when deciding the flooring for the home.

Choosing the floor is not simply about selecting the right colour palette. While the colour choice sets the tone for the room, factors such as texture, shape and size of the floor board make the room rise to another visual dimension.

Getting the right flooring combination will transcend the room to a whole new level to accurately reflect one’s personal style and lifestyle.


The weathered and distressed look is ideal for open-plan living areas and contemporary industrial spaces. Creating a relaxed and rustic vibe, the texture that comes from timber’s natural cracks, grain, woodworm, and nail holes oozes charm and warmth in the same breath.

Smooth flooring with no grooves or grains results in a clean, immaculate and polished look. High gloss is ideal for formal, elegant and very polished interiors. The glossy interior finish reflects light back into a room, making the space seem larger.

Matt flooring is more of a natural finish that brings out the pattern of the timber to its full extent.

Planking sizing and room shape

It is important to consider the shape and size of the room before a floor is laid as it will make a difference to how the room is perceived.

Rooms with a narrow and long space can be made to look wider by laying the planks across the room, rather than lengthways – this arrangement draws the eye from side to side, instead of down the length of the room.

For boxy rooms, laying the floor vertically will help create the illusion of length and balance it out. In a boxy room, laying the floor boards so they run away from the eye will create the illusion of depth.

Small rooms can be given the illusion of more space by laying shorter plank lengths.

Narrow planks with lots of grains and knots or even colour variation may look a little overpowering when used in a large space but could work more effectively in smaller spaces.

Wide boards bring a casual and relaxed feel to a room and complement both small and large spaces. Once seen as the most expensive option, wide boards are now available in laminate or engineered timber floorboards, which tick the boxes for looks and affordability.

One could also experiment with different plank lengths for a more adventurous and eclectic look, which can also open up a space.


Laminate floors can offer a variety of grooves to create a whole new look and feel to a room. Boards with an all-round V-groove will give the room a more rural and rustic feel. Boards without the V-groove are more suited to sleeker, streamlined interiors. 

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