Homes are getting ready for the fast-approaching onset of spring through well-deserved spring cleaning and some much-needed interior rejuvenation, beginning with the floors.

Rather than choosing paint, furniture or accessories, the floor should be the first port of call in creating that all-important foundation to the room. Given that redoing the floor requires significant investment, the homeowner must decide on flooring that exudes freshness, style and spaciousness.

The style and appearance of any room is determined by the colour of the floor. Natural and white tones for the floor set the stage to bring in the vibrancy and freshness of springtime. Rugs, soft furnishing and accessories in spring colours such as Monaco Blue, Poppy Red and Nectarine will make the room pop and create a zesty and appetising presence. 

Beiges, pale yellow, light oak and beech maple are classic neutral tones that not only defy trends but create a unique subtlety and freshness in the room. Light, natural tones can make a dark room feel sunnier, and can be complemented with elements of African Violet, Emerald and Dusk Blue.

White floors are increasing in popularity as they make a room feel more spacious and bring a light, airy ambiance to a home. When teamed with light walls, one can introduce bold, colourful accents through furnishings and accessories, with the explosion of colour emulating the best that spring can offer. 

To create a spacious effect, use a skirting board that is the same colour as the floor. When the skirting is the same colour as the wall, the floor will appear smaller. One must be equipped with a suite of favourite flooring options, whether it is laminate, cork, bamboo or timber before making flooring decisions.

Quick-Step, an international brand of timber, bamboo and laminate flooring products is available in Australia through Premium Floors .