Leading Australian flooring solutions specialist, Quick-Step introduces its innovative and dynamic multifunctional profile to perfectly complete the look and finish of any Quick-Step laminate flooring.

Available in a choice of five finishes including the stairs, Quick-Step’s patented Incizo technology is a single sophisticated profile that can be perfectly colour-matched to the laminate flooring without any inconvenient seams. Designed for quick and efficient installation, the five Incizo profile options provide the customer with unique flexibility and application versatility.

The Quick-Step Incizo complements and enhances the look and finish of Quick-Step laminate flooring.

Expansion profile

In its expansion function, the Incizo profile can be cut to join two floors of the same height together, creating a seamless transition from one room to another.

Adaptor profile

The Incizo profile can be cut to solve the often challenging situation involved in joining two floors of varying heights such as the Quick-Step laminate floor and a tiled floor.

Transition profile

The clever transition profile helps connect Quick-Step laminate flooring to a carpet and still maintain a beautiful finish.

End profile

The clean end profile completes the Quick-Step laminate floor along a wall or a window, creating perfect results every time.

Stair profile

Incizo stair profiles come in finishes such as classic, sleek and modern. Incizo also provides a perfect finish between the top step and the rest of the floor as well as innovative solutions to finish a stair nose.

Key features of Quick-Step Incizo multi-functional profiles:

  • Perfectly colour matched to the laminate flooring without inconvenient seams
  • Can be installed quickly and efficiently
  • Covered by the Quick-Step 25-year residential wear warranty
  • Scratch-resistant technology
  • Measures 215cm L x 4.8cm W
  • Supplied with a cutter to slice the required profile section plus a plastic rail
Quick Step laminate flooring is available from Premium Floors .