The colour and style of the floor will have a major impact on the appearance of the room and how the interior will be experienced. Depending on the choice and combinations of colours, one can change the specific style and atmosphere of the room.

Golden Yellow & Beige

This stands for fun, sun and optimism. Quick-Step recommends floors with a light oak, cherry or blackbutt design to make a dark room feel sunnier and give it a more peaceful atmosphere.

Deep Red

Representing warmth, intimacy and harmony, deep red floors with a kempas or merbau design give an exotic, warm feeling to the interior. This can be further accentuated by the addition of colonial and solid furniture.


This colour stands for earthiness, comfort and security. Floors with a brown tint make an instant connection with the earth and nature. Brown is also an excellent backdrop for rustic furniture and bright strong colours.

White & Light Beige

Symbolising light, purity and timelessness, floors with a pattern of light oak or pine add brightness, space and light to a room and give it a more contemporary feel.


Neutral, chic and peaceful, floors with a grey tint are a perfect match for trendy colours and warm tones. Grey also provides a contemporary look to authentic furniture.


This colour stands for luxury, style and chic. A black floor adds panache to the home and gives the room a luxurious appearance, especially in combination with bright colours for the walls and ceiling and a few eye-catching decorative features.

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