Premium Floors presents the latest generation of contemporary flooring, the Livyn Essential Collection from Quick-Step, Australia’s leading flooring solutions company.

Combining the natural look and feel of wood with the practical benefits of synthetic material, Quick-Step Livyn floors offer a scratch-resistant, strong and durable surface making it perfect for high traffic areas such as the kitchen or living areas. The Livyn contemporary flooring collection also provides a quiet and comfortable walking experience. Being a good thermal conductor, the floor is ideal for underfloor heating.

The 100 per cent waterproof floor makes Livyn ideal for wet conditions in bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.

Thanks to its sealed surface and a protective PU coating, the Quick-Step Livyn floor can be maintained efficiently and easily with spills from coffee, fruit juice or jam simply wiped away.

Installation is an easy process with the thin and flexible material simple to install on top of existing floorings that are level. A renovator’s delight, Livyn reduces the amount of work involved in flooring installations as it eliminates the need to remove the existing floor.

According to National Product Manager, Kendall Waller, the Quick-Step Livyn Essential Range exudes purity, natural charm and vibrancy emulated in all Quick-Step flooring solutions. The collection boasts fifteen different hues that will suit varied tastes and living spaces.

The Quick-Step Livyn Essential Range includes the Ceruse Oak Light Beige featuring the delicate lines of the Ceruse Oak complete with exquisite knots, cracks and even worm holes; the Classic Oak Grey Brown, which creates an inviting rustic atmosphere thanks to its stylish wood structure; and the Patina Oak White Light featuring a luscious white flooring; to the warm colour scheme of the Walnut dark and the Merbau floors on the other side of the spectrum.