With the festive season fast approaching, many Australians are opting for real Christmas trees such as the luscious evergreen conifers to adorn family homes.

Real Christmas trees are not only beautiful, they also make an environmental contribution to Christmas as real trees use fewer resources than fake trees, create less pollution and can be recycled, not to mention the wonderful festive fragrance exuded throughout the home that is quintessentially Christmas.

However, there is a downside to bringing home a real Christmas tree - the potential damage it can cause to timber or laminate floors that have to bear the weight of the heavy Christmas accessory.
Australia’s leading flooring solution, Quick Step offers a number of helpful hints to help minimise the damage from the heavy trees while allowing the true essence and beauty of Christmas to accentuate the home.


A real Christmas tree requires watering to keep it perky during the festive season. Overwatering can cause water spillages and may damage timber or laminate flooring. In the event of accidental spills, please make sure that they are wiped away immediately to avoid the water seeping into the underlay.

Share the load

It is best to bring in a heavy Christmas tree into the home by taking the assistance of friends or family. Sharing the load will avoid any need to drag the tree in, which may otherwise cause irreparable scratches and irreversible damage.

Keep pets away from the tree

Real Christmas trees may also be very enticing for the family pet to urinate on, again creating unwanted stains on the flooring. Keep the pets and trees apart during the festive season. 

Mind the pot

It is important to pay good attention to the pot that will hold the Christmas tree up. One will need to watch out for excessive weight and scratching.

A real Christmas tree undoubtedly enhances the look and feel of Christmas in the home. However, once the festive season is over and the tree is gone, it would be a shame to have to tend to any damage on the timber floor caused by the tree.

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