Quick-Step has made an investment of time, resources and creativity to produce its exquisite laminate flooring range.

This impressive suite of smart and beautiful flooring has been created by a team of highly qualified designers and R&D professionals at the Quick-Step headquarters – floors that are a trend today and will become a classic tomorrow.

Mrs Oke Nollet, Design Manager, Quick-Step explains that a new floor creation may take a year or two, as new trends are identified before they become mainstream. Whether they are inspired by nature, events or architecture, Mrs Nollet and her team are in tune with their environment as this may be the catalyst to the next Quick-Step laminate flooring creation.

For instance, Quick-Step’s Authentic Oak floor was inspired by the appearance of an old wooden gate, which had a particularly beautiful texture and colour. The design team bought some oak boards and started working on them to give them the same sort of finish. It was a long and intensive process, which involved using all means at their disposal and even placing the boards outside in the sun and rain to get the weathered look.

The Quick-Step R&D team is comprised of true craftsmen whose primary role is to create a floor that not only looks exceptional in sample size, but also after installation.

Having realised that a wider variety of boards will create a more interesting floor, Quick-Step ensures the combination of size, décor, structure and finishing is in balance for every board.

For example, their Eligna Merbau, a hard, tropical wood species gets a flat surface and no bevel while the Largo Grey Vintage Oak has a raw soft surface together with a random moving bevel.

Quick-Step laminate floors are available in Australia from Premium Floors .