Premier Slate Products  have presented the Penrhyn heather blue slate to the Australian slate roofing industry.

The producers, Welsh Slate, claim this to be a fine, strong and durable roofing slate. The Penrhyn roofing slate covers some of the well-known buildings in the world, including Buckingham Palace and many here in Australia.

The Penrhyn slate quarry has been producing slate products since the 13th century. The slate has been 500million years in the making and it is the standard for the roofing slate.

Benefits to building owners having a Welsh Penrhyn slate roof are:

  • They are known to last over 100 years, this is a historical fact
  • The Penrhyn heather blue slates are colour fast and non-fading
  • They are not a fire hazard and can be used in high fire risk areas

The cost of a Welsh slate roof over the period of protection it can give the homeowner can make it the most economical roofing material available to the construction industry.

The Penrhyn heather blue slate comes in a capital 4mm to 6mm thick and a county 6mm to 8mm thick. They are 500mm long and 300mm wide.

At a 100mm headlap, there are 16.6 slates to the square metre. At a 75mm headlap there are 15.68 slates to the square metre.