Permeable pavers from Premier Pavers & Stone represent a significant breakthrough in water-sensitive strategies. Permeable pavers are designed to rapidly remove water from surfaces, making them an environment-friendly solution for outdoor spaces.

Premier Pavers & Stone has recently added a new range of pavers made from porcelain that offers more advantages to the application. Suitable for homes, outdoor spaces, walkways, parking areas and roads, porcelain pavers allow water to drain away quickly and provide an attractive, solid and safe surface that’s easy to clean and offers slip resistance to Australian safety standards.

Porcelain pavers are also suitable for community parks and gardens, around swimming pools, sports centres, and public spaces such as railway stations and shopping centres. These pavers can be installed over concrete slabs, grass or gravel and even as a raised floor using pedestals. This makes them a very versatile option for home renovators, design professionals, landscape gardeners, municipal councils or anyone seeking to create safer, more eco-sensitive paving solutions.

Porcelain pavers are virtually maintenance-free, do not require sealant, offer a broad choice of colours, resist fading, and are 150 per cent stronger than other pavers.