Australians are invested in the good health of the environment. Plastic, for instance, damages wildlife ecosystems and clogs drainage systems. This is why single use plastic bags will no longer be available at supermarkets, service stations and liquor stores across Australia. Other steps including banning plastic straws and similar single-use plastic products are also being considered to protect the environment.

While Australians have taken the right step towards a sustainable future, there are other problems that are ignored by the government, such as urban runoff. During times of heavy rainfall when the excessive flow of water cannot be absorbed by the land, it results in water runoff. Since soil is naturally permeable, the runoff will eventually infiltrate the soil and be stored as ground water.

However, if the runoff is not absorbed due to the impermeable nature of concrete and pavements, drains and waterways are required to clear the excess water. Another problem comes from the water collecting a number of pollutants, pesticides and contaminants as it flows through urban neighbourhoods. These pollutants can be hazardous to plants, animals and people.

One solution to urban runoff is permeable pavers such as the Hydropaver from Premier Pavers & Stone.

Hydropavers are made from recycled ceramic tiles and have tiny microholes, through which the water runoff is absorbed into the ground with all the pollutants filtered out at the surface to prevent them from entering drains and waterways. Hydropavers are also nonslip and prevent flooding and puddles from accumulating in all paved areas.

Permeable pavers such as Hydropavers are increasingly being used around the world in places such as China, Germany, the UK and the USA to combat urban runoff and flooding.

Instead of depending on the government to make the necessary changes needed for a sustainable future, Australians must take the initiative as individuals to make an impact by installing permeable pavers in their driveways and walkways, and help turn their community into a sustainable environment.