Premier Pavers has introduced a revolutionary range of pavers designed to directly address modern-day concerns for climate change-related water shortage.

Dr Rob Vertessy, the outgoing Bureau of Meteorology Chief Executive warns that Australia is looking down the barrel of ‘perilous’ water security in the future, mainly as a result of climate change. Dr Vertessy explained that climate change will intensify the drought and flood cycle while the demand for water will continue to rise rapidly.

Predicting that Australia would face a really perilous water security challenge in the future, Dr Vertessy said reservoirs in the Murray-Darling basin were now close to their lowest levels since the Millennium Drought and Tasmania was also facing serious issues.

This dire situation and any mitigating action will impact landscape designers and landscape architects with governments and regulators expected to get tougher on the use of this precious resource.

Environment-friendly design with water saving technology will become the norm in the landscape architecture industry with the focus shifting to avoiding wasteful run-off into stormwater drains, and trapping and saving water on every surface where possible.

Premier Pavers has risen to the challenge with the Hydropavers, a new range of permeable pavers designed to save water wherever possible, with stunning results.

Available in designer colours to meet landscape design objectives, Premier Hydropaver’s permeable paver surfaces remove all of the existing design, landscaping and building restrictions while presenting new opportunities to design attractive and functional paved areas that save and store water.

Premier’s Hydropavers are recommended for shopping centres, driveways, parking lots, walkways and alfresco areas to create non-slip, puddle-free permeable surfaces.

Incorporate these permeable pavers into your landscaping projects and make your mark in environmental design.