Thunderstorms and floods are a common occurrence in Victoria, but things have been getting worse of late due to many reasons. The 2010 Victorian deluge was one of the worst, inundating over 250 houses and leading to emergency evacuation of people, with the cost of damage running into millions.

The severe flooding was caused by a combination of factors: Victoria’s lack of forest cover and overabundance of impermeable pavements; poor planning by the founders, who failed to anticipate the consequences of overflowing drainage systems; and the rapidly changing climate.

Urban expansion and poor drainage planning are the primary causes of flooding in Victoria, especially in Melbourne. Victoria’s once-permeable surfaces such as soil and forests that could absorb heavy rainfall have been replaced by impermeable pavements that do not absorb rainwater. Though stormwater drains have been built to channel rainwater, these are very ineffective and prone to overflowing, leading to floods. Beyond the disastrous damage caused to houses, buildings and infrastructure, floods can also be very polluting – flood water picks up a number of contaminants that enter our waterways and pollute our oceans and rivers.

One solution to flooding in urban environments is permeable paving, which can significantly reduce the stress on stormwater drains and the consequent damage to structures and surfaces.

Hydropavers, available from Premier Pavers & Stone, are an advanced range of permeable pavers that can absorb over 60mm of water per hour - more than any level of rainfall Melbourne has experienced in the last 100 years. The permeable nature of Hydropavers allows them to absorb the excess water, thereby reducing flooding. The water is then returned to the ground where it is filtered by the pavers and crushed rock aggregate beneath, removing all the pollutants and storing the water in the ground.

Permeable paving will not only reduce the damaging effects of flooding in the community but also the human impact on the environment.

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