Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane – three of Australia’s largest cities – all experience substantial flooding during the rains. Though flooding may be inevitable, it is possible to minimise the damage to property and homes.

Flooding happens when there is continuous rainfall and the land is unable to absorb the water due to the impermeable surfaces commonly seen in many urban areas across Australia. What this means is stormwater drains have to be installed all over the cities in order to drain excess water that isn’t being absorbed by the land.

But even storm drains have a maximum capacity, beyond which the excess water is no longer drained and begins to flow along the roads and footpaths. Flooding can cause a lot of damage to buildings, houses and property, not to mention the risk to life.

Premier Pavers & Stone recommends their permeable Hydropavers as the answer to Australia’s flooding problem.

Permeable Hydropavers have tiny micro-holes that absorb the water similar to a sponge. In one hour, for instance, the Hydropavers can absorb more than 60mm of water, more rainfall than Melbourne has experienced in the last 100 years. Paving Australia’s cities using permeable pavers can substantially reduce the annual flooding, limit the damage and lower repair costs.

Hydropavers deliver multiple benefits including preventing urban runoff; stopping soil erosion; storing water in the ground, thereby returning it to the ecosystem; and being an efficient drainage system as there is no need for expensive and time-intensive excavation and piping.

Hydropavers can be laid anywhere that would be suitable for normal pavers, on a bed of crushed rock.