The Hydropaver is a revolutionary permeable paving product from Premier Pavers & Stone, delivering immense benefits in a versatile range of applications across commercial, residential and council projects.

Owners of commercial establishments and builders who are planning new commercial projects can consider using Hydropavers to ensure long-term benefits for their customers, employees and future building occupants.

Hydropavers are ideal for a broad range of applications in commercial spaces.


Standalone commercial properties can use Hydropavers on their courtyards to create a place of relaxation for customers as well as employees. When used on front yards, Hydropavers can play a significant role in providing a clutter-free and clean space that is very easy to maintain. The porous surface will not allow water stagnation in the event of those surprise Melbourne rainfalls.

Additionally, the anti-slip surface ensures safety for all users.

Parking lots

One of the busiest areas in a commercial building, parking lots go through a lot of wear and tear on account of the sheer number of heavy vehicles that pass through on a daily basis. Also, cleaning and maintaining parking lots may seem like a futile effort that cannot be avoided at any cost. However, when Hydropavers are used, their porous nature won’t allow any water to stagnate. The surface can also be easily cleaned with a pressure cleaner.

The sound absorption characteristics of Hydropavers keep the parking lot peaceful.


If you are not very keen on paving the entire front section of your establishment, you can begin by paving just the area immediately outside the entrance. Since this is a highly trafficable area, Hydropavers can help absorb the dirt and excess liquid brought in by pedestrians.

Hydropavers are a one-stop solution to reducing your cleaning requirements.