Hydropavers are a range of porous permeable paving systems designed to benefit both city councils and homeowners in many ways.

Representing a revolution in landscaping materials, permeable paving by Hydropavers is an evolved form of the ancient system of making walkways in the sand by simply setting stones on the ground and leaving a gap between two stones. This simplistic design allowed water and dirt to flow in between the gaps, minimising maintenance.

The design principles behind the ancient paving system have been adapted to the landscaping needs of the 21st century using porous paving solutions such as the Hydropaver.

Comprising of a layered design that allows water to pass through effortlessly, permeable paving includes the following layers: The paving material of your choice (colour and texture); a gravel bed that also adds to the strength of the pavers; a filter fabric or other material that ensures no pollutants get passed on through to the bottom layer; and sand or soil on the bottom-most layer that directs water into the ground.

Going beyond mere convenience, permeable pavers such as Hydropavers deliver a whole range of benefits to the property owner.

Hydropavers help to manage and curb stormwater by allowing water to pass through the surface into the ground, resulting in reduced expenses and risks associated with stagnating water.

The various layers of permeable paving purify the water passing through before it drains into the ground.

The anti-slip surface of Hydropavers enables many more applications in outdoor areas.

If you’re looking for a smart alternative to paving that is in tune with the requirements of the 21st century, Hydropavers from Premier Pavers & Stone is the ideal choice.