A garden design featuring Premier Hydropavers permeable pavers won the approval of both the judges and the public at the 2016 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

Lincoln Flynn of Lincoln Flynn Landscape Garden and Graphic Design won two awards for his garden titled ‘Refuge’ including the best Avenue of Achievable Gardens design award as well as the People’s Choice Award.

Every year the Royal Exhibition Building along with the Carlton Gardens puts on a display that showcases the best of the newest trends and old favourites in plants, gardens, flowers, and landscaping. The 21st edition of the show, ranked in the top five of garden show events around the world, was held in March this year.

The Achievable Garden award category required the competing gardens to measure 5 metres wide and 3 metres deep, the idea being to simulate the type of space found on a balcony or courtyard. The ‘achievability’ criteria dictated that the average Australian would be able to replicate the design including plants and materials within a budget of $8,000.

Flynn’s garden design blended manufactured or treated materials such as steel, timber, pavers and stone with the surrounding natural foliage and water to create a tranquil retreat. He used circular designs to attain a composition that would mesh with rising and hanging plantation and foliage. Colours were kept understated to blend with the natural feel and timber features.

Since the competition required at least 75% of the garden to be soft landscaping, having a paver compilation that complemented the natural surroundings was integral to the design. To maintain an earthy feel, Flynn used permeable Hydropavers in light grey giving the sense of an aquatic base for the flourishing flora and fauna.

However, in addition to their aesthetic quality, the permeable Premier Hydropavers also bring excellent functional benefits to the installation including providing a solid surface that is responsive to harsh weather conditions as well as moisture control and heat control.

Moisture Control

The natural draining qualities of permeable pavers enable them to withstand heavy rainfall and flooding by proactively draining the surface area and redirecting the water to where it’s needed. Premier Hydropavers offer the perfect troubleshooting paver solution for garden areas that accumulate puddles in awkward areas.

Heat Control

The highly environment-friendly pavers not only control water retention and direction, but also regulate surface temperature in the summer months to prevent over-heating in constricted paved areas. Permeable pavers have the dual ability to regulate the extremes of both the winter and summer months to ensure an enjoyable experience throughout the year.

Image: Lincoln Flynn of Lincoln Flynn Landscape Garden and Graphic Design won two awards for his garden titled ‘Refuge’