A new renderable waterproofing system from PracticaMMC Pty Ltd – Masterwall and Masterfloor features an innovative waterproof membrane to enable weatherproof detailing of building features.  

Moving away from traditional building materials and methods has given rise to new challenges such as ineffective waterproofing of buildings with modern profiles.   

The building of homes incorporating modern parapet designs with timber frame and airtight lightweight materials such as external insulation finish systems are a good example of the dangers that are created when poor building practices are employed.    

While the standard practice in the past involved waterproofing the horizontal planes of building features such as solid balcony balustrades with sheet metal capping or flashings to protect them from water ingression, the method, while effective also destroyed the clean lines of a parapet or balustrade.  

This has given rise to unsafe methods of construction using render and acrylic texture to provide the only method of waterproofing the horizontal surface of the parapet, a function that the building materials were never designed to perform. Renders used this way can result in severe failures in as little as 18 months.  

Protecto Wrap System, the new renderable waterproofing system from PracticaMMC is the right solution for such design and construction issues.  

The Protecto Wrap System is a complete renderable waterproofing solution that features an advanced waterproof membrane.  

When applied by an accredited applicator, the renderable waterproofing system gives the architect and home owner the assurance of total weatherproof detailing in parapets, balustrades and fixing blocks where an uninterrupted monolithic finish is desired.  

Tested and proven in the Australian building industry, the Protecto Wrap System’s highly flexible composition assures lasting protection to the building.