MasterWall  EIFS offers optimal protection against the elements, energy efficiency, economy, design freedom of unlimited colours and textures, specialty finishes, integral shapes, curves details and easier maintenance.

MasterWall is a lightweight external cladding system known as EIFS (External insulation and finish systems). It is a direct to frame construction system otherwise known as a Barrier EIF System.

A MasterWall EIF System is made up of:

  1. Insulation: Medium Grade (M) Expanded Polystyrene with Flame Retardant. Only (M) Grade polystyrene is suitable for building applications. Other Grades of Polystyrene are not suitable due to their densities being either too lightweight or overly rigid for construction. R Values will differ according to the thickness of the panel, but R Values can reach up to R3.0 on a 100mm Panel.
  2. A coating of a flexible cementitious material and alkaline resistant fibreglass mesh reinforcing for added strength and longevity. The surface of the panel provides an optimum surface for the acrylic render coating enabling significant time savings for the renderer.
  3. A durable, crack-resistant topcoat or finish coat — typically an acrylic co-polymer product, which can offer virtually limitless colours and textures, a designers dream.
  4. Other components used in MasterWall EIF Systems include weatherproofing materials to address issues of water ingress. This is mandatory for Barrier EIFS systems and include products such as; sealants for openings and panel joints, flashing tapes and, breathable builder’s paper. MasterWall EIFS accessories have been sourced from quality EIFS products around the world. These products have been proven and tested over time to perform at their optimum when used in a barrier EIF System.
  5. Customers can choose from a range of options: supplying components individually, a complete job lot system pack, or a full supply and install service, right through to rendering.