MasterWall  is a company involved in developing building materials. MasterWall builds lightweight construction wall systems and EIFS (external insulation finish systems) are among the building materials offered by MasterWall.

EIFS walling systems from MasterWall is made of meshed and primed polystyrene which gives longevity and strength. Some of the other features of EIFS walling systems include a flashing tape, polyurethane sealant and right fixings. To increase the energy rating, a breathable paper is also incorporated in the EIFS walling systems.

Another specialty is the aluminium external corners, which increase the strength of the wall systems. A minimum of 6mm render depth is also provided while rendering EIFS walling systems. EIFS walling systems from MasterWall eliminates the need for double framing.

EIFS walling systems from MasterWall assures optimum weather proofing and maintains thermal integrity. The other benefits of EIFS walling sytems from MasterWall include lower cost, energy efficiency, lightweight nature, performance benefits, sustainability and design flexibility.

MasterWall EIFS walling systems are available in different ranges. It is available as rendering and tailor assembled product packages. MasterWall EIFS walling system also complies to the BCA standards.