From design advice to estimation and accredited installers, MasterWall EIFS deliver advantages at every stage.

The following are the services and support from the initial stage till the end of a construction project available when using Masterwall EIFS:

  • Design service: Expert advice to create stunning forms and details using MasterWall EIFS. As part of the MasterWall finishing system there is a range of textures and almost limitless colours available to the designer.
  • Quick, accurate quotations based on material estimations that minimise waste.
  • Technical advice is provided through an extensive website or over the telephone with trained technical staff. MasterWall technical representatives are the highly trained in the industry and are sought after to provide advice to industry bodies.
  • MasterWall technical representatives can advise at planning stage on construction detail to ensure optimal performance out of the MasterWall system. Thermal bridging, pressure equalisation, condensation, moisture must be addressed when considering building design. MasterWall EIFS offers cost effective, efficient design solutions to these problems.
  • MasterWall EIFS lightweight construction has impressive impact resistance, including high degree of compressive and flexural strength and dimensional stability, which provides opportunities for innovation in design and construction.
  • MasterWall accredited installers are trained and apprised and must conduct themselves according to stringent criteria: OHS compliance, Suitable Builder license/s and Project Management to monitor quality of the work.

MasterWall accredited installers follow a three stage inspection process:

  • Pre-installation inspection to verify whether the site is ready for installation.
  • Inspection after the installation verifies whether the installation process is completed successfully and according to MasterWall specifications
  • A final inspection of the rendering to ensure customer expectation is met.