The recent introduction of 5-Star Energy Rating legislation in Victoria has focussed attention on new-technology building products that can add considerably to the energy efficiency of a home, with the innovative MasterWall ready-to-render insulation panel one of the products leading the way.

An exterior polystyrene wall panel that is pre-prepared for acrylic render systems MasterWall has an intrinsic R-rating of up to 3.0 (with plasterboard-lined stud frame – depending on the panel thickness selected).

The product has been embraced by many residential architects and builders, because it is lightweight, easy to install, and provides the ideal foundation for a smooth, even and weatherproof acrylic render finish.

Polystyrene panels have been successfully used in residential construction in Europe and the US for more than 20 years, with polystyrene’s inherent thermal-insulating qualities well recognised.

Sandy McPherson, managing director of MasterWall, says that while some Victorian builders are adopting a “wait and see” approach to polystyrene cladding, many are now discovering the benefits of this new approach to building.

The panel can be quickly and easily applied directly to an exterior stud wall using a combination of special screw fasteners and an approved construction urethane sealant. This leaves the wall cavity clear for additional insulation if desired, further boosting the energy efficiency of the wall.

“The builders who are using the product like it because it’s easy to cut, easy to install and it’s not as heavy as other forms of exterior cladding.” McPherson says. “They’re also getting really good results in the form of a smooth and even acrylic render finish.”

Another advantage of the MasterWall panel product is that it’s prepared with a fibreglass-reinforced cementitious coating, making the panel strong and flexible, while eliminating the need to apply these elements in-situ prior to acrylic rendering. This eliminates one stage of the conventional acrylic render process, resulting in significant time savings and reducing on-site labour costs.

MasterWall is currently only available in Victoria.

Source: Building Products News.