PTBrace, available from Powertruss , is a small, strong, lightweight and cost effective wall bracing system with bracing capability to 28kN per metre.

PTBrace benefits:

  • No ply bracing required
  • No protrusions outside the wall frame
  • No packing of studs required
  • Short wall application / to 28kN per metre
  • Maximum open plan living

The PTBrace resists the lateral forces applied to stationary buildings or homes. These forces are usually the result of ground movement such as, earthquakes or external forces such as high wind, cyclones or tornadoes.

PTBrace frames are used in homes and light commercial buildings to provide structural stability to the walls.

PTBrace frames are a hidden internal application to a wall and provide the strength and stiffness necessary to resist these forces. All buildings require a bracing method that resists the forces of nature. These forces vary by region.

Further PTBrace features:

  • Resists wind forces from N3 (W41N) to C3 (W60C) cyclonic
  • Bracing capacity to 28kN per metre
  • Short wall application - Large bracing values
  • Wall stiffening (conceal in wardrobes or cupboards)
  • Suit nib walls 350mm, 450mm and 600mm
  • Allows for large door and window openings with minimum walls
  • Custom built to suit all heights to 4500mm
  • Load values quoted for PT Brace and PT Column are applicable only when specially designed hold down bolts are cast in to slab
  • PT Brace - bracing only
  • PT Column - bracing + download (carries combined floor and roof loads)
  • Portal Frame - Extend Lintel/header over PT Column and bolt together

The PT Column is an extension of the PT Brace combining lateral bracing and download of either floor or roof load, or both, allowing for large openings at garages, alfresco dining areas, patios or decks.