Melbourne city link project

In December 1997, Powers Fasteners was awarded the contract to supply over 7000 high-performance stainless steel socket anchors to Transfield Obayashi Joint Venture.

The stainless steel socket anchors were used for the fastening of pre cast concrete smoke exhaust ducts to the underside of the tunnel roof, these ducts weighed 5 tons each.

Part of the design specification called for the M20 stainless steel socket anchors to withstand a working load of 36kN for a non-standard 2 hours at 700°C fire rating. Local testing was carried out successfully by Warrington Fire Research and witnessed by both TOJV and Hyder Consulting Engineers.

The tender package also called for the complete fastening system to be installed quickly and safely. Seven, Australian made, purpose designed overhead drilling rigs, were made to fit this criteria.

Installed on smoke duct gantry, the complete drilling and anchoring system was commissioned in the first week of March 1998.

Powers Fasteners delivered the drilling and anchoring package on time and to the required specification outlined in the tender.