When Permasteelisa won the contract to supply and install the unique façade at Federation Square in Melbourne, it knew it would not be an easy task. The construction of the structures would create unique installation problems, requiring novel solutions and test the engineers, suppliers and products to the limit.

After an initial presentation to Permasteelisa and Connell Wagner Engineers, Powers Fasteners began working with Pemasteelisa on the installation and application of designs for the structures. It became apparent that a difficult threaded stud application needed for the façade supports would not be possible without using the Powers Fasteners’ Powerfast Epoxy Injection Gel system.

The Powerfast Epoxy Injection Gel system achieved the required loads at the available shallow Embedment for the threaded studs of the Façade supports, solving a difficult problem for Permasteelisa and saving considerable time.

As a result, with the huge amount of steel being used in the construction and many other contractors experiencing similar problems all over the site, Powerfast Epoxy Injection Gel with its ability to achieve high loads at a shallow embedment was specified extensively throughout the project.

The success of Powerfast created interest and opportunities for a whole range of other Power Fasteners’ products which have been used extensively throughout the site.

  • Powers Acrylic-100 345ml and 910ml
  • Chem-Bolt
  • Zamac Hammer-Screw
  • Heller Carbide, Multi-fi t and Max
  • Powers Excalibur Screw-Bolt
  • Hollow set drop-ins