Powers Fasteners’ experience in providing fastening solutions in tunnel projects has once again been proved useful.

Thiess Hochief Joint Venture the principal contractor was faced with a major fastening dilemma.

The Powers concrete Tapper screw was found to be a successful system for holding the water membrane back to rock walls and the Tapper caterered for any adjustment that was required due to unevenness of the rock surfaces and the inconsistent base material.

The system was put to the test and quickly adopted as a reliable and cost effective system ensuring that the shift crews could work through confidently.

The Tappers complete with a metal backed bonded EPDM washer ensured that water ingress through the penetrated membrane was alleviated and the membrane held firmly in position while Shotcrete was applied over.


2702 Tapper 5x45

Other available sizes; 5mm and 6.5mm diameter, countersunk or hex head, in 7 lengths, up to 100mm