Incorporating a dual-action teeth and DIY simplicity the Heller Ratio Drilling System significantly reduces the time and cost involved in large diameter concrete coring.

Developed by Heller in line with its policy of innovation and reliability the range of core bits, pilot bits, adaptors and extensions available with the Heller Ratio Drilling System may be used with a standard drilling machine and is easily disassembled for compact storage.

The core bits of the Heller Ratio Drilling System cut efficiently through masonry substrates, even drilling through rebar with ease due to specially designed cutting teeth. The teeth are angled backwards to prevent engagement with rebar during drilling and are purpose designed for cutting through both concrete and steel materials.

The advanced features of the Heller Ratio Drilling System ensures a clean, accurate hole of up to 140 mm that may be consistently achieved in minutes, effectively eliminating the expense, inefficiency and limitations associated with conventional diamond coring alternatives.

Features and benefits of the Heller Ratio Drilling System include:

  • Inexpensive alternative to diamond coring – initial outlay recovered
  • in a few holes
  • Accurate and clean holes achieved in minutes
  • May be used with standard drilling machine – no contractor required
  • Specially designed teeth cut easily through rebar
  • Access to walls and corners

Heller Ratio Drilling System is available from Powers Fasteners.